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Bag of Polished Pebbles


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Add this finishing touch to your indoor water feature. Polished rocks provide a beautiful touch for your waterfall.

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Bag of Polished Pebbles - Multi-Color

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Each water feature comes standard with multi-color pebbles.  Additional pebble option are available to match your décor and add a distinctive style to your waterfall or fountain.  Most fountains use more than one bag to cover the pebble beach shelf. 

# of bags of pebbles needed for each water fountain model:

Aspen Falls 3 bags
Calming Waters 3 bags
Cascade Springs 2 bags
Cottonwood Falls 4 bags
Deep Creek Falls 6 bags
Grandeur River 10 bags
Harmony River 5 bags
Inspiration Falls 2 bags
Majestic River 4 bags
Olympus Falls 5 bags
Pacifica Waters 2 bags
Reflection Creek 2 bags
Regal Falls 8 bags
Serene Waters 1 bag
Sunrise Springs 3 bags
Solitude River 6 bags
Summit Falls 3 bags
Teton Falls 4 bags
Tranquil River 8 bags
Whispering Creek 1 bag