Waterfall Maintenance


Before you begin to troubleshoot any concerns with an ADAGIO Water Feature, please take time to watch the Installation DVD included with your shipment (or found under the FAQ portion of this website) and review the installation instructions for your water feature (also found under EZ Installation on the home page of this website) -- as the installation video and instructions will answer most questions.

The topics listed below are a few of the most common questions (and associated answers) about our Water Features:

MAINTENANCE: (Click Here To Watch Video On Cleaning Your Fountain)

Your ADAGIO Water Feature is not difficult to maintain.

First, follow the simple maintenance tips outlined on the Installation DVD.

Second, when filling your water feature--make sure to keep the water filled above the pump and below the top of the black liner. (Do not fill the feature while it is operating as this will cause overfilling of the liner which will cause water to get between the liner and the tray and force water out the tray)

Third, once every half year or so, simply remove the water from the liner and wipe the liner out with a rag--this will remove any dust and sediment that has accumulated.

Lastly, if you feel the need to clean the water, simply add up to 3 drops (no more) of liquid bleach when filling the water feature. Any more than this will cause permanent staining to the stone.

"LEAKY TRAY" (Click Here To Watch Video About "Leaky Trays")

All ADAGIO Water Features include a black hard plastic liner within the lower tray to keep your water feature from leaking. This liner has been twice tested to insure there are no leaks. Use caution when filling with water, so that water does not go over the top of the black tray liner. In you overfill, the water will seep between the plastic liner and tray and ultimately leak out of a corner of the tray. The remedy is to dry out the tray and do not overfill with water. You can best avoid overfilling by properly adding water by pouring the water against the middle portion of the stone just above the tray --an NOT while the water feature is operating.

There is a simple test that you can perform to see if your liner is leaking. Remove the water from the tray. Remove the tray (keeping the liner in the tray) from the wall. Flip the tray (and attached liner) upside down and allow it to dry for 24 hours. When dry, place the tray/liner right side up on a table or counter top. Fill with a few inches of water and leave for a couple of hours. Check corners for any leaking.

EVEN WATER FLOW (Click Here To Watch Video About Water Flow)

1st Step--Refer to the Baffle Addendum in the printed installation instructions.

2-Use the provided scotchbrite pad to lightly scrub down the surface of the water feature

3-Use the provided scotchbrite pad to scrub across the top ridge of the copper water distribution unit (never use the scotchbrite on the hood or tray of your water feature)

4-Make sure that the water distribution unit is level

5-Within the back of the copper water distribution unit-you will find a white plastic "baffle" with copper tabs on the top (facing up) and on the bottom (facing down).  The two tabs on the top are used to simply push the baffle down into the distribution unit.  The two tabs on the bottom are used to adjust water flow.  To get more water to flow to the right--simply adjust the right tab upwards a little to allow more water flow to go to the right. To get more water to flow to the left--simply adjust the left tab upwards a little to allow more water to flow to the left.  To get more water to flow to the center of the feature, bend both tabs downward (towards the center). It may take a few times to fine tune the water flow to your needs.

PUMP (Click Here To Watch Video About Replacing Your Pump)

Make sure that your water feature is plugged into a standard electrical outlet (not GFI).

Make sure that your water feature is turned on. The Whispering Creek model has an on/off switch on top of the light bar. All other models have a pull chain on the left of the light bar.

Pull once to turn on pump only. Pull twice to run lights only. Pull three times to run pump and lights together. Pull fourth time to turn the entire unit off.

Remember: The pump must always remain submerged or it will burn out -- which will also void the pump warranty.

SPLASHING: (Click Here To Watch Video About Eliminating or Avoiding Splashing)

These water features are built to allow you to eliminate all splashing. Here are some tips:

Keep pebbles from away from the main water feature surface so that falling water does not splash off the pebbles.

Adjust the splash guard shelf to be about 1/8" away from the main water feature to allow water to fall into the liner below the shelf (keeping any spalshing contained in the liner).

If you notice water spashing off of a "small ridge" in the surface of the main water feature, simply smooth out the ridge by using a scotchbrite pad, sand paper or a chisel. By smoothing out the "ridge" the water will once again flow smoothly down the front of the feature.

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